This campaign was created while at Mother alongside Susan Hosking and Peter Robertson.

Before the ASOS TV idents were secured, the brief was originally to work on a radio campaign. Our scripts were built from observing how customers on often customise their unique style from a multitude of brands. We thought a great way to showcase this was through musicians, who also have their own unique style. The project than saw a number of musicians create songs using only the ASOS brands they love as lyrics. We also presented additional material along with the radio adverts:

ASOS Carol Singing

At Christmas we would employ a team of good-looking, well-ASOS-dressed carol singers to perform ASOS songs on busy high streets. Songs such as "Ding Dong Merrily on High" become "Billabong, Milly Moy, Kookai".

ASOS T-Shirts

ASOS customers design their own t-shirt by listing their favourite brands in the style of iconic Beatles T-Shirts.

For example:




ASOS Artists

Visual artists and designers create print ads based around a list of their favourite brands. Artists could even paint directly onto billboards to create one-off works of art.

© 2010 by Joseph Keirs

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Listen to Jenko (top) and Jackson Kay (above).