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If I were to die tomorrow*, my obituary might read something like this:

Joseph Keirs was a young creative from London, and like many creatives his age he was 24. But he wasn’t born that way, it took a rigorous education in Oxford and a leisurely one in Leeds before he even began thinking he would work in advertising. Or thinking at all for that matter, what’s there to think about when student life consists largely of totally open briefs? Promiscuity aside, he graduated university with a first class honours degree. Dismayed by the fact his grades meant less than a promise from Ashley Cole, he said he’d “die before mentioning it ever again”. He soon made his way into the advertising industry via a string of eclectic work postings. A stint at the retail display company Planarama gave him an opportunity to design windows for Ted Baker; a simple case of mistaken identity (“Hi I’m Joseph Keirs, the one whose actually 33 with 10 years experience in editorial management”) gave him the opportunity to art-direct the international Illustrated Ape Magazine; and spending the best part of a wonderful year at Mother London, working on clients including Stella Artois, Diet Coke, ASOS.com and Boots were just some of the things he wished he’d done. I jest, it was those exact things amongst others that lead him here, sitting writing this next to some big fat ugly guy holding a g

* If I were to die tomorrow, my preferred death would be like my grandfather’s: peacefully in my sleep. Not screaming manically like his passengers.

For the record, I don’t actually have any interest in going anywhere anytime soon, Jeremy Kyle’s just come on and I refuse to miss “My daughter sold her daughter to my granddaughter’s mum’s mum”.


In recent years I’ve enjoyed work at a variety of agencies and been involved in freelance projects with some highly ambitious and innovative individuals. One such individual who deserves a big mention is my original creative partner: the design, fashion and advertising extraordinaire James Callahan; whom I worked collaboratively with for many clients and on many projects.

A huge thanks to everyone else I’ve worked with, my autobiography will be that little more readable because of you. Here are some links to your pages:







Amelia’s Magazine

The Illustrated Ape


GT Magazine


Less recently I worked at EF Language Travel as a Local Leader – responsible for teaching English to classrooms full of international students. I’d like to think I taught them a lot, but I probably spent a bit too much time learning from them. Did you know 50% of Yemen’s population is under 15? So yes, essentially what I learned was trivia(l).


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