While at Mother we created an idea to raise awareness for the children's charity Kids Company. Essentially Kids Company children would use the media to find one of their hard working volunteers love, transforming him into Britian’s Best Bachelor and a great spokesperson for the charity.

The Kids Company children attempt to find one of the volunteers love: 'David' works tirelessly at Kids Company with little time to look for love, as all his efforts are in helping the youths. Therefore the kids make it their mission to help find 'David' love. Women who sign up to date 'David' go through a gruelling selection process at the hands of the Kids Company kids, ending in one lucky woman winning the heart of 'Britian's Best Bachelor'.

The kid's mission helps them obtain air time and allows 'David' to become a company spokesperson, detailing all the great things Kids Company are involved in.

© 2010 by Joseph Keirs

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