Created whilst at Mother alongside creative director Gustavo Sousa, directed by Thomas Napper.

The commercial tells the story of a VIP trip to the Cannes Film Festival courtesy of Stella Artois, a prize offered as an official partner to the festival.

The winner’s experience is shown in the style of 1960’s French New Wave cinema, even using music from the original 1959 soundtrack to Godard’s “Breathless”. A male and female French VO provide a commentary duet that lists all that we see, harking back to the era of golden age of French cinema as well as complementing other Stella television adverts.

From the arrival in a cross section of a vintage airplane; down Cannes' famous Boulevard de la Croisette; arriving at a 5* hotel for lunch; then as the evening comes traveling past the sparkling limousine and onto the red carpet before taking the best seats in the house for the screening. The tracking shot reveals the artifice of a film set from the onset, film props seemed appropriate given the prize itself.

Note: The ‘Cannes’ based advert was in fact shot in Los Angeles. If you look closely you can actually see David Hasselhoff strutting enticingly across the bay.

© 2010 by Joseph Keirs

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If the embedded Vimeo player still doesn’t play after a few moments, the commercial is also viewable at Prime Focus.